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There really is nothing like some good old-fashioned local love. Everyone has heard the old adage “Shop Local”. Some of you may not be entirely sure why local is best. Supernova Furniture and Sleep Gallery is your local home for affordable luxury furnishings, but what exactly does local mean? In this day and age of everything being available at the touch of a button, why is taking the time to shop local so important? 


Buying Local Helps the Local Economy

When you spend money locally, it stays local. Beyond that, small businesses are the largest employers nationwide. Statistically speaking “Main Street America” employs more than 52 percent of the nation’s workforce. Small businesses play a vital role in local job creation. The more jobs created in your town, the more your local community will prosper. Shopping locally helps not only the business you shop at, but your neighbors, friends, and family. This brings us to our next point.


Buying Local Supports Your Neighbors

Whether you’re buying a product from your corner farmer’s market or utilizing a local service, you’re not only supporting the local economy but your neighbors as well. The farmer down the road, the local mechanic, or your hometown furniture store, appreciate their customers so much more. Why? Not only do they get to meet you face to face, but your support helps feed their families, pay their bills, and keeps a roof over their family’s head. This reason alone makes shopping local a huge deal. 


Buying Local Helps Your Community

When dollars are spent locally, they can, in turn, be re-spent locally. This equals more money circulating in the economy. More local taxes collected in sales can lead to stronger public infrastructure. Bringing money into the community for things like libraries, schools and the funding of local government services. In a case study of the economic impact of locally owned businesses on the local economy conducted by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, it was found that locally owned businesses contribute more to local charities and fundraisers than do their national counterparts. You won’t catch Big Box retailers supporting your local high school teams. 


Buying Local is Better for The Planet

Reducing the number of products you buy from national retail chains can help reduce your ecological footprint in several ways. Local companies rely less on mass transportation and delivery systems, meaning less fossil fuel use and fewer emissions. Less transportation also means less traffic congestion making it a win-win. Shopping locally also tends to require less packaging. Less packaging means less waste and less demand on landfill sites. 


It Can Help You Save Money

Shopping local will almost always mean no shipping charges, so that’s money in your pocket right off the top. But let me show you a different scenario. If you’ve been shopping for furnishings online, chances are good that you’ve seen some sticker prices that at first glance look like great deals. However, upon closer inspection may reveal poor quality. That discount coffee table won’t seem nearly as affordable when it breaks and has to be replaced in six months or a year. 


The Experience is Way More Fun

Spending money with local retailers helps keep the local community alive. Especially if you live in a small town like Durango, CO, you’re likely to catch up to friends and neighbors when you’re out shopping at local retailers. The places where we eat, shop, and have fun all have the potential to make a community feel like home. “One-of-a-kind” businesses like Supernova Furniture & Sleep Gallery are a fundamental part of the distinctive character and of our community. The next time you’re in the market for a new Beauty Rest Mattress or Sustainable wood furnishings, come by Supernova. In the spirit of keeping things alive, bring the kids to play with Blue our life-size resident Raptor!