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Here at Supernova Furniture and Sleep Gallery in Durango, Colorado, we talk a lot with our clients regarding Sleep Health, but what does Sleep Health mean? Well, just like the answer to “Which Mattress is the Best?” varies by individual, so too does the answer of sleep health. We all know that a good night’s rest is essential for overall health, but what most of us don’t know is just how large a part your mattress, bedding, and pillows play in that equation.

Take it From The Top

A pillow might not seem as important to a good night’s sleep as a mattress, but did you know that your pillow makes up as much 30% of your overall sleep space? Not only that, but your pillow has a very important purpose: to support your head, neck and help keep your spine aligned throughout the night. That’s a pretty big job for a small square of stuffing! A pillow can actually make or break your body's ability to rest and heal.

An unsupportive pillow rarely, if ever, causes serious health issues, but it can definitely make existing conditions worse. Headaches, neck pain, numbness, and snoring are all exacerbated by a lousy pillow. Old pillows, just like your grandmother, collect things over the years. Unlike your grandmother, they do so in the grossest way possible. After years of being cuddled with, cried into, sweated on and slept on, a pillow's weight doubles in size from all of the above! After a long life, your pillow contains everything from dust mites and fungus to mildew, hair, and skin cells. Even if you don’t have severe allergies, breathing all that in every night takes its toll.

To help maintain an allergen-free sleep environment and ensure your spine is properly supported, your pillow should be replaced every one to two years. If you invest in a protective covering, like those offered by Bedgear, you can not only prolong the life of your pillow, but reduce allergens throughout its lifespan. Remember, there’s a lot resting on your pillow!

Moving on to the Mattresses

If you have the wrong mattress, achieving a good night’s sleep could feel like fighting a war. In our previous Mattress IQ post, we discussed briefly the toxins that can be found in mattresses. There are a lot of them, ranging from Petroleum-based chemicals to Formaldehyde and chemical Fire Retardants. These chemicals can cause or aggravate conditions like headaches and nausea, create chest discomfort, increase coughing and have even been linked to respiratory conditions like asthma.

Worse, if you’ve been sleeping on a “bed in a box” mattress you could be subjected to off gassing, a process that occurs when your mattress releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other chemicals. At an Atlanta-based lab, a test was run that found a memory foam mattress that emitted 61 chemicals, including several carcinogens. Not to mention the fact that there is no consistent testing regulations on the foam used in these products. Since you’ll likely have a tough time figuring out exactly which toxins are lurking under your covers, we took the guesswork out of it for you. At Supernova Sleep Gallery, all of our mattresses (and pillows too) are certified by CertiPUR-US ensuring that you know exactly what you’ll be getting into bed with.

Sadly, there’s even more to sleep health than avoiding chemicals. What many people don’t realize is that health issues can develop if you don’t get proper support while sleeping. That's because after we drift off, we stay in a fixed position, reducing blood flow to the spine, muscles, and joints. A good mattress will gently support your whole body and keep your spine neutral no matter what position you sleep in. Sleep allows our minds and bodies to rebuild and our cells to regenerate. It’s an essential component to keeping our bodies functioning properly.

Children's Sleep Health

Now that we’ve covered the impact a mattress and pillow can have on you, what about your kids? As parents, it’s natural to want to do everything that you can to help your child grow up happy and healthy. Choosing the best mattress for your child is a key part of this. An adult can spend as much as one-third of their lives in bed, but depending on your child’s age, your youngster could be spending as much as one-half of their young lives on the mattress you choose for them. At a critical point in the development of bones and spines, the correct level of support is essential, especially during sometimes-painful growth spurts.

Much like adults, having a mattress that is both comfortable and supportive can play a big role for children in getting the kind of deep, restful sleep that their young minds and bodies need. As parents, we know a peaceful night’s sleep for your kiddo can benefit the whole family! When purchasing a new mattress for your child, it’s a good idea to invest in a mattress protector too! Protectors from Bedgear will help their mattress last longer, and maintain its waterproof qualities. It also offers the added advantage of acting as an anti-allergy barrier, protecting your family from dust mites, and other allergens.

Stop by our local Crossroads Center in Durango and let our amazing staff help you find perfect beds, pillows, protectors and comforter sets for the whole family. Supernova is home to the largest Sleep Gallery in the Four Corners area, and we take sleep seriously! We proudly feature Beautyrest, Bedgear, Michael Amini, and HiEnd Accents and more. We know that a big part of choosing the right mattress is being knowledgeable and educated about your choices.

We even offer easy financing and local delivery! Join us for our next installment of Mattress IQ when we discuss the importance of Adjustable Bedframes when choosing sleeping arrangements for couples.