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If shopping for a new mattress has left you needing a good nap, we’re here to help. At
family-owned Supernova Furniture and Sleep Gallery in Durango, Colorado every brand
we carry is thoroughly vetted by us. That means that our products are not only
kid-tested, but life tested. A mattress is one of the most important purchases you can
make. On average, most people will spend one-third of their life in bed. If you get the
suggested 8 hours of sleep each night and keep your mattress for the recommended 9
years, 3 of those years will be spent on that mattress. However, most people don’t
spend a lot of time thinking about their mattress, or how a single piece of furniture
impacts their daily life and health.

Do You Need a Nap?

If you’ve found mattress shopping to be exhausting, you should check our blog often.
Each month we’ll be diving deep into the world of mattress knowledge! By the end of
this series, your mattress IQ will be high enough to make shopping for your next good
night's sleep a breeze. We’ll be covering topics like Sleep Health, Mattress Styles,
Mattress Sizes, Kid’s Beds, Allergens, Adjustable Frames and more. You never want to
rush into choosing the right mattress. Remember that you’ll spend a large percentage of
your life on this mattress. It can, and properly cared, for should last you 8-10 years. A
10-year mattress, purchased for only $1,000 works out to be about $0.27 / day. Don’t
skimp on your mattress budget! Your personal health and sleep quality are worth an
investment of a whole lot more than a quarter a day. With mattress brands like
Beautyrest, Beautyrest Black, and Simons you'll get quality that lasts.

Which Mattress is the Best?

At Supernova, one of the most common questions we receive is, which mattress is the
best? It’s a very simple question, but the answer isn’t remotely simple. The real answer
is …it all depends on you. Mattresses are not one size fits all. The goal is to find a
mattress that keeps your spine in a healthy alignment, doesn't cause any pressure to
your body, and keeps you at a comfortable sleep temperature. That’s a whole lot of you
in the equation! But what should you do when shopping for two? How do you marry
comfort and quality while shopping for a double bed?

Sleeping Side by Side

Each of us has our own unique sleep needs. The position you sleep in, your body size,
and your preferences, as well as those of your partner, need to be considered before
choosing a bed. Options like adjustable bed frames can help even out comfort levels for
couples. Did you know that two XL twins are the same size as a King size mattress? If
you're a side sleeper, and your partner is a stomach sleeper the bed that’s perfect for
you could be miserable for them. Consider, that by choosing two XL twins you could
both have the perfect mattress for your individual needs while sleeping in the same bed!

Cuddles with Kiddos

What about choosing a bed for your child? Often times parents will use price point as
the deciding factor when choosing a bed for their kids. But, think about this, at the point
in time when bones (spines) are developing do you really want your child sleeping on a
discount mattress that isn’t properly supporting them? Children don’t often wake up with
the cry of “owe my back” but damage can still be done in this stage of development. Not
to mention the fact that depending on their age range children need up to 12 hours of
sleep per day. That’s fifty percent of their lives spent on the mattress you choose. Plus,
your child may never complain of an aching back, but if you’ve chosen a poor quality
mattress, your back is sure to feel it after countless hours cuddled beside them reading
bedtime stories.

Sleeping Clean and Healthy

When is the last time you thought about what chemicals you’re getting into bed with,
and the effect they can have on your health? The place where you spend one-third of
your life could be full of some potentially nasty toxins. Not to mention the fact that the
majority of dust mites and allergens found in your average home come from the
mattress. And just to be clear, this has nothing to do with cleaning your mattress. At
Supernova Sleep Gallery all of our mattresses and pillows are certified by CertiPUR-US
ensuring that you know exactly what you will be resting your head on. Plus, our sleep
consultants can work with you to get the right Bedgear protection to keep dust mites
and other allergens at bay.

If you’re starting to fear that you might lose some sleep over all the details we’ve given
you today, stop by our store and let our amazing staff help you find the perfect bed for
you. We proudly feature Beautyrest, Bedgear, Michael Amini, and HiEnd Accents . We
are the Largest Sleep Gallery in Durango and the Four Corners area. At Supernova
Furniture and Sleep Gallery, we take sleep seriously. We know that a big part of
sleeping well depends on choosing the right mattress. And, a big part of choosing the
right mattress is being knowledgable and educated about your options. From bedding to
pillows, protectors to comforter sets, if you’ve got questions, we've got the experience
to get you answers. And our service team can even walk you through easy financing.
Join us next month as we take a closer look at Sleep Health here on the blog, and stay
tuned for more Mattress IQ building posts in the months to come!