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Welcome to Supernova's Blog

Hi there! We are Robyn & Joey Vagnuer and we’re excited to welcome you to Supernova Furniture and Sleep Gallery. Our business operates on the belief that there is no better feeling than coming home to a house filled with style, quality, and comfort. We realize; however, that while everyone may dream of having a finely furnished home, not everyone can easily achieve it. That is exactly how, and why this idea was born.  

Supernova began in Durango for one simple reason: furniture is expensive! We moved back to Southwest Colorado in 2013, and prior to opening the Durango Supernova location, we found it was more cost-effective to purchase plane tickets to Robyn’s home state of Texas and rent a truck to fill with furniture before driving it back.  As we did this, friends and family would ask if they could also put in orders and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Robyn grew up in the furniture industry, learning the in’s and outs of quality home furnishings and customer service at her father's side. Supernova has five sister locations in Texas, run by Robyn’s family. The Colorado location is based on the same tried and true family-run model.  So, in June of 2016, with 40 years of industry experience and the desire to deliver home furnishings of style and substance, Supernova opened its doors in Durango at the Crossroads Center on Main Avenue.  

Being members of the community, the couple knows how important relationships are in a small town like Durango. They would rather sell pieces at fair prices to keep customers coming back than to sell over-priced furniture pieces. When they opened Supernova Furniture and Sleep Gallery, Robyn and Joey were committed to selling only quality home furnishings at reasonable prices. That commitment to affordable luxury still stands true today. 

In addition to treating both customers and employees with respect, they are passionate about educating their clients to help them make informed decisions regarding the furnishings that will live in their homes for a lifetime. The Vagnuers want to be known for the exceptional lengths they will go to create a warm and positive shopping experience. When they first opened, Robyn & Joey were new homeowners themselves and found the hours of other home stores limited, so they offer extended hours for working families. As parents of young children, the struggle to focus on shopping was top of mind, prompting them to include a small play area for children so parents may shop undistracted. Along with great financing, and prompt installation services, the duo sets themselves apart from other Four Corners furniture stores on every level.  

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit Supernova Furniture and Sleep Gallery. We love hosting you and hope you might soon visit our Crossroads Center location in person to allow us to make an impression on you. Whether you're looking for a new matress from Simons or Beautyrest, a new livingroom set, or a dining table, please don’t hesitate to reach out us. Our all-star local, Durango guest service team is ready to answer any questions or comments you may have at 
We appreciate your business!